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Global Care International Clinic in Bagan

Keep Calm & visit Bagan in Myanmar without worrying your health.
Now there is a Global Care International Clinic, a poly clinic opened in Bagan for assisting Health Care problems especially for tourists.
The available services are Emergency Services, General Practitioners, General and Internal Medicine,House Call Visits, Onsite Vaccinations, Health Screening, Travel Medicine, In-house Pharmacy, Digitial X-ray, Ultrasound Service, Laboratory Investigations, 24/7 Ambulance Service, Air Ambulance Service and Insurance Claims.
It is a 24/7 International clinic, firstly opened in Bagan and aimed to provide comprehensive healthcare services to international travelers, local community, and the whole tourism industry.

ITB Berlin Travel Show 2017

Nice Style Travel will join and participate as one of the exhibitors at ITB Berlin Travel Show 2017 on 08 March’ 2017 to 12 March’2017. Please come and meet with us for every Myanmar Tour Packages and Our Booth No is 26 B/233. Our Nice Style Team Crews will explain for every Myanmar Tourism Services. Please make appointment to tour@nicestyletravel.com if you interest to cooperate with us.

Incredible cave to explore in Hpa An!!

Saddan Cave (literally means Royal Elephant) is the most beautiful and breathtaking cave around Hpa-An with its entrance chamber dominated by dozens of Buddha statues, a couple of pagodas and some newer clay wall carvings. From this entrance chamber, you can step lead up into the main cave passage with its 30 meter-high ceilings being clung by thousands of bats. The squealing from them makes some noises in the cave and you should aware of your steps on this slippery ground because of the waste of bat excrement. Once you step outside of the cave, you will be amazed by the hidden lake full of ducks and flowering lilies hidden in a bowl of craggy peaks. You can ask for the local fishermen to take you along the lake for about 1500 Kyats (2$) and on the way, you will pass through the half-flooded cave leading back to the entrance side.

For Hpa An & Nearby Destinations Tour Package

A passage to everlasting memories: Yandabo Home

Yandabo Home is the best stop over for those who like to get away from the bustling city life, midway of Mandalay and Bagan overlooking the Irrawaddy River.
It will be a completely unique opportunity to spend the night off the beaten track and in the heart of a lovely Yandabo village; where its habitants live in harmony with nature and are well known for their pottery making.
There are 4 double and 8 twin rooms at Yandabo Home Resort. Each room is similar in design and style with large airy ceilings, teak floors, large en-suite bathrooms, includes air-conditioning, hair dryer, in room safe and mini bar.
As a difference with many resorts, there is no telephones, wifi and internet service at all.
Nevertheless the guest will feel completely bonded with the villages; walking in the village, observing how people make the pots and the guests can also try to make their own pots.
Besides, a highlight is visiting the village of Pan Nyo where estimated 4,000 buffaloes are led into the fields at sunset, pigs, cows, dogs and smiling kids greeting you with joy.
Staying at Yandabo Home unlocks the opportunity for the guests to embrace a new kind of journey; the one that connects different worlds and softly blends them in what can be defined as real discovery:
You can get to Yandabo Home by private boat, public ferry or by car from Mandalay & Bagan.

Nice Style Travels would like to suggest either a night’s stay, or two nights to fully explore the undiscovered local villages of Burma.

To get experience of staying at village, make reservation with us.

Cruising Along The Irrawaddy River with RV.Panorama

While you are in Myanmar and you love cruising but don’t have much time to spend nights on board, then please let us invite you to take day cruise along the Irrawaddy River.

Offering one of the safest, affordable and enjoyable luxury vacation experiences– Alliance Myanmar River Cruise (RV PANORAMA (I) for 70 passengers & RV.PANORAMA (II) for 54 passengers) is genuinely the first luxury day cruise in Myanmar on the legendary Irrawaddy River.

There are daily cruises with two routes running between Mandalay and Bagan: downstream from Mandalay to Bagan and upstream from Bagan to Mandalay. Furthermore, there are two types of cruise for luxury overnight cruise and daily express cruise both ways.

R.V Panorama cruise is the best daily express cruise and will cast off at 6:00AM enjoying a stunning sunrise, offer many historical and memorable sights on river banks and end with a spectacular sunset around 5:00PM.
Once aboard the Cruise, a friendly, warm welcome awaits you, and the Captains and officers will also enjoy meeting you around the cruise along their own nautical way.

The service includes a fine breakfast, free flow of Coffee/Tea and an authentic Myanmar Cuisine awaits you at lunch time at the upper deck restaurant.
Teak-wood main deck cabin is fully air-conditioned with comfortable and relaxing seats placed alongside the wide glass windows for panoramic view, and each row has individual power sockets for electronic devices. Television is in front of the seats for the Myanmar culture and traditional documentaries.
As an additional service, the crew team will demonstrate different ways of wearing Myanmar Traditional Longyi (garment worn by Myanmar people) and Thanatkha (fragrant paste made from the bark of Thanatkha tree_Myanmar Traditional Makeup).

Unlike no other day cruises, RV.Panorama offers you a short excursion to experience the ways of life by visiting typical Myanmar villages along the river bank during Downstream Cruise.
You will have a chance to see Myanmar Traditional Pot Making Cottages and Bamboo Hat Making Procession in these villages.

So, we would like you to take this opportunity to spend your holiday with "Alliance Myanmar River Cruise" and we, the team members of Nice Style Travel, are here to help you to make your day fabulous to your satisfaction.

Fly over the Inle lake in a Balloon

Sightseeing by balloon is a truly remarkable experience, allowing you to venture off the beaten path and gain a unique perspective of the country and its people.
Fly over the Inle Lake, has to be one of the most beautiful ways to experience one of Myanmar’s most scenic and cultural attractions.

As the balloon float over the incredible floating gardens and it climb, possibly to over 5,000 feet above the lake, you will wonder the boats floating of the immense lake, extended amazing views of the stunning Shan mountains, the local Inthar fishermen who are looking for the first catch of the day, and boats laden full of produce on their way to the market through a maze of green floating canals.

For this magical balloon flight, from 15th November 2016 through to 28th February 2017, Balloons over Bagan will be expanding their daily service to Inle Lake with the introduction of a new premium service carrying up to 6 passengers over the floating gardens and villages on the lake.
The daily service will allow for private charters over Pindaya as well as the ability to roll out their safari concept to meet demand throughout tour season.

Your journey starts with an early morning flight over Inle Lake, home to the Inthar people.
Prior to receiving a safety briefing from the pilot, you can photograph the balloon being inflated before boarding and take off. The pilots carefully use their knowledge of the winds to steer the balloon over the floating villages and water gardens. After landing the crew and pilot will serve you with champagne and a light breakfast before transporting you by car or boat back to your hotel you will also receive a certificate signed by the pilot and copies of in-flight photos.

Nice Style Travels & Tours will take great pleasure to help you to wonder the bird eye view of Inle Lake.
Contact us for more information.

Hpa An Lodge with its first Sky Dome Room

We are very pleased to share news about a new hotel establishment in Hpa-An, near Mt. ZweKabin in Karen State.
It is “Hpa-An Lodge” and already said to be one of the most beautiful boutique lodges in the area with up-scale services to the clients.
18 Individual Wooden Cottages are set in the valley at the foot of Mt. ZweKabin. The individual cottages are spacious, offer privacy and they have been designed with unique Karen architecture, incorporating modern conveniences.
Now there is available the new “Sky Dome” designed for clients to offer an alternative to a traditional wooden cottage room, so that guests can enjoy the night under the starry skies from their bed. The dome itself features an exclusive, cozy private area and luxurious space with beautiful decoration and modern facilities.
More, the Sky Dome offers a breathtaking view of Mt Zwe Kabin.
We guarantees quality service of “Hpa-An Lodge” with its beautiful cottages & scenic views of the lodge.
To enjoy your morning coffee by the spacious landscaped swimming pool, or to sip a drink on your balcony facing the spectacular rocky mountain range of Mt. Zwe Kabin, or to experience the first Sky Dome in Myanmar,
make reservation with Nice Style Travels & Tours.

Discover the Untouched Mergui Archipelago

In Myanmar, there is a secret spot for you to discover where the natural beauty is still unspoilt from mass tourists and where you can enjoy luxury with privacy and intimacy.

This is the stunning Mergui Archipelago, with over 800 islands, is located in the most southern part of beautiful Myanmar. Once you enter this part of the world, and area that has hardly been explored, and begin to immerse yourself in this natural paradise.

The archipelago offers great opportunities for exploration and diving amongst spectacular marine life and untouched coral reefs, with yachts and cruise boats designed for that purpose.

Astonishing beaches and islands which are just for you, dense jungle, azure water, beautiful corals and all you can find in Mergui and from the sunset to sundowner, you will be lost in the amazing land of Andaman Gypsies.
It's the perfect spot for enjoying the surf and the sand. You can go boating, snorkeling, diving, and fishing here in turquoise water that is unbelievably clear. Or you can just laze on the pure white sand and do nothing at all except enjoy a refreshing drink. Or take the cruise option and cruising around the islands. The choice is yours.
You can also study ways of life of the Moken People, also known as the Salone or sea gypsies. They are one of the most distinct of Myanmar’s many ethnic groups, living a nomadic, sea-based life. The Mokens are also regarded as the master of free diving for keen vision under water and longer last breathing than most humans can.

To meet the Mokens and to explore Mergui Arichipelago, you need to arrange 4-7 days and book the hotel or cruise/ yatch in advance.
Nice Style Travels & Tours will take great pleasure to help you to discover the beautiful untouched place and contact us for more information and the price.

InDevi Boats

These are luxury boats from Inle Lake which are named as InDevi to reduce engine noise of existing boats spoiled the beauty of Inle Lake. This luxury boat will be available for 6 pax including lifejackets with whistle, life ring, fire extinguisher, navigation light, small boat first aid kit, Umbrella, traditional cotton blanket, purified drinking water and towel. InDevi boats provide specifically for superior comfort and quality, enhanced safety, quiet engines, trained crew, food and beverage services on boat.

Loikaw Lodge

Loikaw Lodge at the Lake, a small boutique hotel that just opened in Loikaw. Twelve beautifully crafted rooms: 1 x Suite, 4 x Deluxe and 6 x Superior rooms - all with veranda, a view, modern bathrooms and lot's of comfort (air-con, wi-fi, wood-paneled floors, large windows). Be aware of facilities without T.V and Minibar inside the room.

Hmaw Yaw Gyi Elephant Camp

Hmaw Yaw Gyi Elephant Camp is a newly established camp which have 16 Elephants including 6 young elephants (3-17 aged) and other elephants will be elder elephants (56 to 65 above retired from logging). Hmaw Yaw Gyi is located 105 mile and 4 furlong at Ma Hout Village in Phyu Township near Taungoo).
Yangon to Hmaw Yaw Gyi Elephant Camp, it will takes about 2 and half hour to reach junction to Ma Hout Village. Leave your car at junction of Ma Hout Village and walk 20 mins to reach Elephant Camp and Ma Hout Village.