Meet Our Team

Two young entrepreneurs, 23 and 19 years-old who were born from ordinary families of Burmese citizen, started the term “Nice Style” and established in 2011 February with 6 people including them. In 2013 January, company became a developed and extended office in Mandalay. After six years later, today, Nice Style Travel & Tours is working together with over 60 employees and becoming one of the recognizable brand and business in the tourism industry of Myanmar.All the team members of Nice Style are under 35 years-old who are very brilliant, active and responsible young people. “Hinthar Bird” which represents the young team of “Nice Style” is very simple with the meaning of royalty, prosperity, and endearment. Each stroke of the Hinthar represents the growth of “HinThar”.The first stroke represents "Smile”, the orange one, a pleased expression of human beings, the main objective of Nice Style for all their customers. The second stroke represents "Share”, the purple one, the journey may end but the happy memories never fade. Sharing happy memories and knowledge together to bring smiles together. The third and final form represent "Shape”, the blue one, representing a “Hinthar bird”. Shaping the best journey of our life, to share together friends and family, with smiles on everyone faces.

Services we offer

We are authorized agent of all domestic airlines in Myanmar such as Air KBZ, Myanmar National Airlines, Yangon Airways, FMI Air, Golden Myanmar Airlines, Apex Airline, Asian Wings, Air Bagan, Manyadanarbone Airlines etc. with advanced knowledge about domestic airlines and ready to help that match your needs combining with their experiences. At the same time, we are also personal sales agent of most of international airlines such as Air Asia, Jet Star, Tiger Air, Thai Lion, Nok Air, Myanmar National Airlines, Golden Myanmar Airlines etc. Our first and quick service for our guests who have professional degrees from International Air Transport Association and Airlines Systems. We offer wide range of holiday packages and travel services such as accommodation and car rental to throughout Myanmar according to customization of customers’ needs and group size with a proficient group of the inbound team who master in destinations, culture, and tradition prospects of Myanmar are ready to bring creative itineraries and programs for you. In addition, journeys may not end but our people from the outbound team can provide well consultation on each trip of your dream countries that are more than your dreaming. Furthermore, our experts in regulations about visas and visa consular offices of all over the world, our visa section team, can acknowledge you with the easiest and safest way of your valuable times with enhanced of our services.

Why travel with us?

  1. 24 Hours Service Provider for Urgent Cases
  2. Specialized Person in each area
  3. Professional Knowledge in needs and requirements of customers
  4. Well trained skills with highly responds
  5. One Stop Service for all travel needs
  6. Provide Completed travel information